My my how quickly does one year pass.  Especially if you have little ones!  I feel like this little guy’s newborn session was just a few months ago and here I am one year later taking his one year portraits.  His newborn sessions was one of my favorites.  Not only did I just adore every set up because he looked so cozy and adorable, but he was the BEST baby!  So laid back and relaxed.  Usually that is a tell tail sign of how he will be as a baby.  His momma said he has grown up exactly as I predicted.  I have to say, even as a one year old he was so sweet and calm and relaxed.

Luke 1 year

Kristen brought the cutest outfits for her little man! I was overjoyed when I saw what she had for him.  My favorite was this little knit outfit.  He looked like a little woodland elf perched in this tree.

Luke 1 year {New Orleans Baby Photographer} One year old boy in knit outfit sitting in tree by Annie Whitaker Photography

He was so curious!  I love how fascinated he was with everything around him.  We did get some big ole smiles with the help of mom and dad.

Beautiful baby boy smiling at sunset by Annie Whitaker Photography Precious baby boy jumping with joy by Annie Whitaker Photography

And he was practicing his new skill….walking!! He was so adorably wobbly on his two feet.  I just love when they learn to stand and carefully take those first steps.

In Louisiana, we don’t have foliage that changes vibrant colors this time of year. While I am very jealous of places with an actual “fall” season, we do have the most amazing sunsets.  In October, the sun sets the sky on fire.  It is really a beautiful sight.

Baby boy playing with leaf at sunset by Annie Whitaker Photography Baby boy holding leaf by Annie Whitaker Photography

The last photo of the evening was probably my favorite.  When he was just a week old we did a set up with this plaid blanket and a bear bonnet.  It is one of my all time favorites.

Adorable newborn baby boy in basket wearing bear bonnet by Annie Whitaker Photography

So naturally this was a must….

Precious one year old boy wearing bear bonnet by Annie Whitaker Photography

His little face here is so sweet.  It’s kinda bittersweet thinking of how much it will change in the upcoming year as he grows into a little boy.  But I know one thing is for sure, he is just going to keep getting sweeter <3

It is such a blessing being able to watch these tiny precious babies grow into little people.  So grateful for my wonderful clients who trust me to capture these milestones.

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Luke 1 year {New Orleans Baby Photographer}


Adorable! He is the sweetest little guy. And your child photography is stunning.

I would definitely hire you for my own kids if we were in New Orleans. Your baby photography is great!

He is sooooo precious! Oh my goodness! I will trade our fall foliage for your warm weather. Deal?

What an amazing little boy! These are so stunning and will look incredible in the family’s home. It’s my goal to someday bring my (future) kids to you!

These images are absolutely stunning! Your style is so dreamy and whimsical, which goes perfectly with the beautiful backdrop, your adorable subject, and the clothing and props.

These are so dreamy! these photos look like they came right out of a storybook. what great photos to have of this cutie!

So so cute! And those outfits my goodness!!!

What an adorable little man. It is amazing how fast they grow. Beautiful photos!