When this sweet girl stepped out of the car with her grandmother, the first thing I noticed was her big beautiful brown eyes and lonnnnnng lashes. I was so excited to get her in front of my camera.  Her session was at Fairview State Park in Madisonville, LA.   It has been such a long time since I’ve had a session there so I wanted to get there early to scope things before they got there.  I went over by the campers where I never go and stumbled across a patch of tiny blue flowers.  Her momma mentioned that she loved flowers and I was hoping the yellow ones around here were still in bloom, but they weren’t.  So I was sooo excited to find these! It was a perfect little spot.

Adelynn One Year

Black and white photo of baby holding flower by Annie Whitaker Photography

I couldn’t resist….this needed to be black and white.

I hit the vintage dress jackpot a few weeks ago when searching for dresses for my little one.  A lady in New England went to an estate sale and found a box of brand new dress prototypes from a store.  The dresses were dated to the 1950’s and NEVER worn! This little corduroy dress was so unique right down to the little triangle pockets and diamond buttons.  I was hoping it would fit her and it was perfect. Her grandmother didn’t want to take it off!  She looked soooo pretty in this color.

Baby girl holding blocks wearing blue dress and bonnet by Annie Whitaker Photography Stunning one year old girl in vintage dress holding blocks by Annie Whitaker Photography

This silly girl kept making the cutest little kissy face! She had me laughing so hard every time she would do it.  How cute is she?

Baby girl making kissy face by Annie Whitaker Photography precious baby girl wearing bonnet by Annie Whitaker Photography

These little flowers turned out so sweet.  I’m so happy her grandmother agreed to go by them!

This is my favorite from her session…..I just adore her little serious face.

Adelynn One year {Mandeville Baby Photographer}

Clearly, I did a bit of overshooting with this session….

Baby girl in blue flowers by Annie Whitaker Photography

After the sun set a bit, we went back near the Otis house for a gorgeous sunset.

Baby girl at sunset holding yellow flowers by Annie Whitaker Photography

The light was so soft and beautiful.  We would ask her to pick a flower for her momma and she would pick one and put it down and pick another and put it down lol.

Beautiful baby girl holding yellow flower at sunset by Annie Whitaker Photography

Oh this cutie pie! I could’ve spent the whole afternoon playing with her.  She was a sweet as can be!

Baby girl at sunset by Annie Whitaker Photography

Adelynn One year {Mandeville Baby Photographer}

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Pictures turned out great! What lens did you use for this photo session?

This is absolutely beautiful!!! the little girl is super cute!!! and images are to die for!

What a doll! That dress is stunning and she looks beautiful in it. I love all the flowers.