I first heard from Kristen way back in March wanting to schedule a newborn session.  Which is awesome because I could totally tell how excited she was about the upcoming arrival of her little one.  And I am a planner so it’s nice to have some time to order things if needed.  I am always excited to have a little boy in the studio because it seems that the majority of my tiny clients are girls!  We had just had a cool front come through (meaning it is 80 degrees outside and not 95) but it had me excited for fall so I wanted to a fall-ish set up with him.   I got this plaid throw on a trip to Scotland and wanted to incorporate it somehow.  I thought it would be perfect.  And it was!

Luke Day 10

New Orleans newborn photographer {Luke Day 10} Newborn in bear bonnet by Annie Whitaker Photography

My goodness, I couldn’t love it more!  I may be partial to Luke because he has the EXACT little swirl in his hair that Harley did when she was born.  I mean it is identical.  Same little straight piece to the left of the swirl and all!  And hers turned into the cutest little part in her hair.  I adored it on her when she was a baby and I adore it on him!

I love how cozy he looked in these beautiful knits.  As I photographer, we are so lucky these days to have incredible vendors from around the world.

Baby boy hanging arm over basket by Annie Whitaker Photography baby boy on grey fluff by Annie Whitaker Photography Newborn boy in tan knits smiling by Annie Whitaker Photography

And how about that little smile!  He was just the cutest!

Luke was a looooong!  His mom said he was 21 inches at birth and at 10 days old already grew to 23 inches.  I had him all curled up nice and sweet and he kept stretching out.  It was so funny.

baby boy curled up on fluff by Annie Whitaker Photography Baby boy stretched out in bowl by Annie Whitaker Photography

I think my most requested set up is the cream bear bonnet potato sack pose.  I can see why.  Babies look so adorable dressed as little bears and Luke was no exception!

Potato sack pose by Annie Whitaker Photography All cream newborn set up by Annie Whitaker Photography

He was a newborn photographers dream.  Not a peep the whole time.  Even after I unwrapped him and went straight to the bean bag.

Froggy pose by Annie Whitaker Photography Baby boy froggy pose by Annie Whitaker Photography Baby in sleepy hat by Annie Whitaker PHotography

This blue worked perfectly with his beautiful dark hair and skin tone.

Baby by on blue backdrop by Annie Whitaker Photography

Last but not least, those sweet first family photos.  Luke even gave a sweet little smile.  I think he was pretty happy being in his momma’s arms.

New Orleans family photographer by Annie whitaker Photography Mother snuggling newborn by Annie Whitaker Photography Dad with baby boy by Annie Whitaker Photography

Thankful for the opportunity to have met this sweet little family.

If you are interested in scheduling a newborn session, I am now booking 2018 due dates.  Fill out my contact form to schedule your session.

New Orleans newborn photographer {Luke Day 10}


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