Capturing Timeless Sisterhood: A Vintage Photo Session Tale

In the enchanting world of vintage fashion, there’s a certain magic that unfolds when two sisters don elegant dresses from a bygone era. Recently, I had the pleasure of orchestrating a photo session that celebrated the timeless bond between two sisters through the lens of vintage glamour. Join me on this visual journey as we explore the details, emotions, and captivating moments captured during this extraordinary photo session.

Capturing Timeless Sisterhood: A Vintage Photo Session Tale

Props and Accents

I love incorporating special things into sessions.  Each girl brought a favorite lovie.  I still have my little lamb from when I was little so I know how special they are!

girl with elephant lovie baby girl with bunny two sisters in vintage white dresses sweet sisters in all white studio portrait of two young girls

Setting the Stage

Choosing a picturesque location is essential when aiming for a vintage aesthetic. My studio is perfect for that with so much history on the property.  Located on the historic Military Road in Covington, each home tells a story.  The property is filled with 100-year old oak trees that make for the most stunning backdrop.

stunning portrait of two sisters on tree swing

Styling Elegance

The heart of our session lay in the carefully curated vintage wardrobe. The sisters embraced the elegance of different eras, with one adorned in a flowing 1920s-inspired dress, while the other donned a classic 1950s pinafore.  Most of my dress collection are vintage pieces; however, some of the dresses were vintage-inspired; like the white one with the hydrangea embroidery.  That one was made by Well Dressed Wolf, a local children’s clothing company inspired by vintage designs.  The outfits transported us to a time where grace and style were paramount.

red haired girl in 1950s sheer blue dress baby girl on swing two sisters on swing

Candid Moments

The true beauty of sisterhood lies in the genuine moments shared between siblings. The girls painted a narrative of the unique bond they shared with laughter, whispered secrets, and stolen glances. The girls picked flowers, played on the tree swing and I searched for four-leaf clovers! These candid shots transcended the vintage theme, revealing the timeless connection that sisterhood embodies.

One of my favorite spots on the property is this big oak tree branch.  Children love climbing to the top!

two sisters on big oak branch


Now booking spring 2024 sessions.  If you are interested in creating something special, fill out my contact form HERE.

Capturing Timeless Sisterhood: A Vintage Photo Session Tale

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