As the weather warms up in the spring time and everything begins to wake up, it becomes the perfect backdrop for moments of connection and joy. In this blog post, I’m gong to share with you a spring photo session featuring my two girls!  This is definitely one of my favorite sessions with them capturing  sisterly bonds in a Covington LA spring photo session I will always remember!

two beautiful sisters in vintage dresses

Vintage Springtime Session:

The location for this photo session was, in my opinion, the most beautiful location in Covington.  The picturesque grounds of the studio property, where nature’s beauty harmonizes with the innocence and charm of sisterhood. The air was filled with the sweet fragrance of blossoms, and the beautiful colors of spring flowers were everywhere you looked!  My husband has planted so many beautiful things for me and they seem to come up all at once.  Clovers cover the ground, the pink rose buds of the Peggy Martin climbing roses drape over the swings, and the puffy white hydrangeas start to open up.

Fine art photo of two beautiful sisters Fine art photo of girl in vintage pink 1930s dress stunning young lady in 1950s vintage pink dress

Vintage clothing Collection:

I think my favorite part of any session is going through my collection of vintage clothing from the 1920s-1950s to find the most perfect outfits.  People often ask where do I get my dresses from.  I usually find them on Etsy, Instagram, Ebay, even antique shops.  I had this beautiful sheer pink dress from the 1930s that I couldn’t wait to put Harley in and found the most beautiful pink dress for Mattie.  The soft pastel dresses complemented the natural surroundings so perfectly, adding a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic.

two sisters on tree swing

Sisterly Poses:

I wanted to capture my girls posed in a variety of ways, showcasing their closeness and personalites.  We started off with studio portraits as I always do and incorporated my favorite flowers.  Then we went outside in clovers which always reminds me of my grandmother.  I spent hours behind her flower shop looking for four leaf clovers.  I still do it as an adult.  In fact after every spring session, we usually end with the children searching for them.  It is so much fun!

sisters brushing hair in clovers precious sisters springtime photo session sisters in clovers


For me, this session immortalized the unique bond between my two girls.  One that only sisters know.  Mattie recently moved out and she came to visit Harley and I could hear them laughing in her room into the night.  The next day, Harley texted her saying “I miss laughing with you”.   Totally makes me tear up!  Only my sister can make me laugh until I pee lol so I get it.

beautiful girl on oak branch sisters on big oak tree branch

If you would like memories like this  that will last a lifetime.  Let’s plan a Covington, LA spring photo session you will always remember!  For more info, email me at or fill out my contact form HERE.

two sisters on swing with climbing roses sweet sisters on swing

Capturing Sisterly Bonds: A Covington LA Spring Photo Session to Remember