A Year of Joy: Celebrating the First Birthday Milestone

A one-year-old birthday cake smash is a fun and adorable way to celebrate a baby’s first birthday.  This precious family always brings a tiny cake for at the end of their session for their baby to enjoy.  In this blog post we celebrate a year of joy as Dany celebrates the first birthday milestone

First we captured traditional portraits which are a treasure!  So unique and special!

one year old baby traditional photo of baby boys baby boy and brother fine art photo of baby beautiful baby boy


Then at the end of his session mom pulled out the cake!

baby boy's cake smash session cake smash session for baby boy

Here are some tips and ideas to make the cake smash session memorable:

1. Cake Selection:

  • Choose a small cake with a soft texture and a flavor your baby enjoys.
  • Avoid any potential allergens and make sure the frosting is easily smashable.

2. Set the Stage:

  • Select a well-lit and easily cleanable area for the cake smash.
  • Use a simple backdrop or decorations that won’t distract from the main focus—your baby.

3. Outfit:

  • Dress your baby in a cute outfit that can get messy. A colorful onesie, tutu, or a themed outfit can add to the fun.

4. Photography:

  • Have a camera or smartphone ready to capture the moments. Consider hiring a photographer for professional shots.
  • Use burst mode to catch every adorable expression and messy moment.

5. Timing:

  • Plan the cake smash when your baby is in a good mood and well-rested. Avoid times when they might be tired or hungry.

6. Encouragement:

  • Encourage your baby to explore the cake by themselves. You can demonstrate by taking a small bite.

7. Props:

  • Consider using props like balloons, a high chair, or a birthday banner to enhance the setting.

8. Cleanup:

  • Have wipes, towels, and a change of clothes nearby for quick cleanup after the cake smash.

9. Sibling or Parent Involvement:

  • If you have older siblings, involve them in the celebration for added cuteness.

10. Theme:

  • Choose a theme based on your baby’s interests or a popular children’s character. Decorate accordingly.

11. Safety First:

  • Ensure that all props and decorations are baby-safe and won’t pose any hazards.
  • Monitor closely to prevent your baby from consuming too much cake or any non-edible items.

12. After the Smash:

  • Consider a bubble bath or a quick shower to clean up your baby and make for some additional adorable photo opportunities.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the moment. A cake smash is a lighthearted and joyous way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

If you are interested in scheduling a first birthday cake smash session, email me at anniewhitakerphotography@gmail.com or fill out my contact form HERE.

A Year of Joy: Celebrating the First Birthday Milestone

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