Finally some cooler weather to make it feel like fall!  It was sooo chilly last weekend.  I was worried for the little ones being comfortable at my weekend sessions.  Sunday turned out to be beautiful but it was cold.  I’m so glad I thought to bring a blanket because Miss Isabella stayed wrapped in it until she changed her outfit and put a cozy sweater on.  But it sure did make for sweet photos.  Her big brother, Ace, was so great at trying to keep her warm.

Ace (5) & Isabella (3)

brother hugging sister by Annie Whitaker Photography big brother little sister by Annie Whitaker Photography 5 year old boy posing by tree by Annie Whitaker Photography

Oh those back lit curls!

black and white photo of girl by Annie Whitaker Photography

Cindy is a fellow photographer out of Baton Rouge.  It is so nice meeting other photographers because, obviously, we have a lot in common.  Like most momma’s (especially photographer momma’s), we are the ones behind the camera so it’s nice to be able to capture photos of her with her sweet babies.

mother with daughter and son at sunset by Annie Whitaker Photography mother and children by Annie Whitaker Photography

When we arrived at the park it was packed with other families taking photos as it always is this time of year.  But by the time the sun went down and the best light shining through the trees, everyone was gone.

Family session at Fontainebleau State Park by Annie Whitaker Photography Mandeville LA family photographer Family photographer in Mandeville LA

These two were just the sweetest <3

brother and sister at sunset by Annie Whitaker Photography Ace and Isabella {Mandeville LA Family Photographer}

So grateful for the opportunity to photography this sweet family.

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every single image is perfect! Beautiful subjects!

Love these wonderful photos. Such a beautiful family!

The light, colors, and poses are all gorgeous!

sweetest looking kids ever. great job with light as well

These family photos are amazing! I love the lighting. So beautiful!

Beautiful images! The kiddos are adorable!

What a cute family session! The light was absolutely stunning and these kiddos couldn’t be any more adorable. Beautifully captured!

These images are stunning.

you could ask for a better backdrop for family portraits. These are beautiful…and it helps to have adorable little clients as well 🙂 Nice work!

THe lighting is perfect, I love these photos

Such beautiful park family photos! It is always fun photographing other photographers !

Wow! What beautiful family portraits. I love your use of light.

Gorgeous family portraits! You definitely waited for the perfect time!