Sofia 2 weeks {New Orleans Newborn photographer}

Sofia 2 weeks {New Orleans Newborn photographer}

It’s funny how even from the very beginning you can see a little personality emerging in the babies that are brought to me.  Some are very relaxed, some don’t like to be in certain positions, some cry in between every pose because they were comfortable and don’t want to be moved, and some don’t.  As a newborn photographer you have to adjust to each baby.  Miss Sofia came to me at two weeks old and was such a light sleeper.  It took about two hours to get through just one set up.  Sometimes  babies have off days too so I thought lets get sibling and family photos while everyone was there and Sofia could come back to finish her session on another day.  So that’s what we did.  Even though things did not work out exactly as I had planned, I absolutely adore her images.  Sometimes things work out better than planned 🙂  This muted pink was so so soft and beautiful on her.


Her big sister Olivia (almost 2) was just as most 2 year olds are…very quick 🙂 I had to snap snap snap so fast before she jumped up and was done. She is such a pretty little girl and has the most gorgeous head of curls.

2-year-old-big-sisterSofia 2 weeks {New Orleans Newborn photographer}newborn girl in wrap

This was one of the set ups from when Sofia came back.  She did not want to be touched!  I had to be patient and fast!  But I adore how she looked in this set up.


Such a sweet family photo.  Love how Olivia is loving her new baby sister.


If you are interested in booking a newborn session, contact me early.  My schedule fills up about two months in advance.


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