Slidell Baby Photographer {Maisie 2 months}

Slidell Baby Photographer {Maisie 2 months}

I had this precious baby’s due date on my calendar and newborn session scheduled…..and then Covid happened. The world shut down and everyone stayed inside. I was so sad to have to post-pone some sessions, some canceled.

Maisie’s momma was sad she initially canceled her session and asked if it were still possible to do a newborn session. I was overjoyed. Of course it is! I lovvvvve posing older sleepy babies. When my Harley was a baby I posed her like a newborn every month until she was about 18 months old then every year until about 4 years.

I was even more excited when mom sent me a photo and I saw her precious fuzzy head and chubby cheeks.

Maisie 2 months

Most older babies arrive awake which is a great time for awake photos. I was so impressed with this little lady. She pushed up better than most four month olds! She was so strong!

It took a little milk and lots of rocking and swaying but she eventually fell asleep in the warm and cozy room. It was a bit of a challenge wrapping those long chubby legs and she almost didn’t fit in the basket but we made it happen and it came out so sweet!

I usually do the bucket pose after wrapped shots. It’s my favorite pose. I was so happy I got it and am obsessed with how amazing her little chubby cheeks look!

2 month old in bucket pose

She is just so beautiful! The best part about these older newborns is the variety you can get. We got adorable awake photos (even pushing up!), sleepy newborn-style photos annnnnnd she woke up in the best mood and we got the sweetest smiles! REAL smiles!

Slidell Baby Photographer {Maisie 2 months}

If you missed out on newborn photos because of the quarantine don’t stress! Newborn-Style photos can be taken at any age really with a little extra effort.

So grateful for the opportunity to photograph this beauty.

Now booking fall due dates. If you are interested in scheduling a session, fill out my contact form today.

Slidell Baby Photographer {Maisie 2 months}

Backdrops: Hello Little Props

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