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New Orleans Family Photographer {Ronin and Pierce}

New Orleans Family Photographer {Ronin and Pierce}

I had the pleasure of photographing these beautiful boys earlier this year. When spring first arrives in Louisiana everything is SO green! The grass, the leaves, everything is such a bright green. The parks were operating at odd hours so we had their session at our new property in Covington. For the most part it is a construction zone but you can still find lots of great spots scattered around. It turned out so sweet!

Ronin and Pierce

Three-year old Ronin was very quite at first but quickly warmed up to me and told me all about the Avengers. As a girl mom, I had no idea there were so many different super heroes. He was so polite and so sweet to his baby brother. And Pierce was just all smiles from the beginning. You can tell he has a big personality. He had big brown eyes that I know gets him whatever he wants. Two of the most precious little boys! I love when kids bring special items to their sessions. This bunny looked well-loved by both boys.

I love how one boy looks just like mom and the other looks just like dad. It’s like that in my family too! Except with girls lol. But my oldest Mattie favors me and the youngest, Harley, favors my husband. But the funny thing is they also look like each other.

They were as sweet as can be! It was such a great way to spend the evening. It wasn’t too hot, the rain held off and everyone was in a good mood.

New Orleans Family Photographer {Ronin and Pierce}

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New Orleans Family Photographer {Ronin and Pierce}

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