Major was one of those dream babies for newborn photographers and parents alike.  So calm, so sweet, so relaxed.  I seriously could’ve photographed him alllll day!  He didn’t curl up his fingers and if you know how OCD I am about flat baby fingers, you know how amazing that is.  He was so adorable with the cutest little forehead wrinkles.  And on top of all of that, he smiles all of the time! Probably like 20 times while he was here!

Major Day 7

His name is so unique.  I love it so much.  I have never photographed a Major before 🙂

Newborn boy in cream bonnet and wrap smiling by Annie Whitaker Photography

See! He pretty much started his session and ended it with a smile.  These guys drove a whole state over to come see me.  I had no idea they were coming from Mississippi for their newborn session yet they were right on time and he was prepped perfectly!

His sweet momma picked out green as an accent color.  And when she arrived we narrowed it down to this pretty blue/teal/green.  I’m so glad we went with that because it looked so perfect on him.  His little fuzzy hair has strawberry blond undertones that went well with it.

Mississippi Newborn Photographer {Major Day 7}

Yep, another smile!

profile photo of newborn boy in brown wrap by Annie Whitaker Photography Newborn boy in white bucket with teal wrap and sleepy hat by Annie Whitaker Photography

Major was over 9 lbs which is hard to believe because his momma is so tiny! And he had the BEST rolls that had to be showcased….

9 lb newborn boy's back rolls by Annie Whitaker Photography Newborn baby boy in sleepy hat by Annie Whitaker Photography

This little boy was so sweet!  Mom and dad sure did luck out with him!  So grateful for the opportunity to photograph this sweet little guy!  He couldn’t be more perfect!


Mississippi Newborn Photographer {Major Day 7}

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