Oh Miri, how has 6 months flown by already?!  Your eyes are the most beautiful, sparkliest shade of blue with specks of yellow.  You have the biggest, gummiest smile that you flash instantly for mom or dad.  And you could not be a happier baby!  She looks almost exactly the same as she did as a newborn and at 3 months just a little bigger and with a bigger smile.

Miri 6 months

smiling baby girl in pink dress by Annie Whitaker Photography

I got this beautiful little flower crown from Lavender and Moss Props for Harley but thought it would look so sweet on her…. and it did!  I had a feeling Jessica would put her precious baby girl in pink….

New Orleans Baby Photographer {Miri 6 months} New Orleans Baby Photographer {Miri 6 months}

Big brother Asher is so sweet with her.  But we did have to do some coaxing and bribing for smiles lol….even for the tiniest one.  They are so sweet together.

brother and sister by Annie Whitaker Photography

I stopped to pick up some flowers before her session, which now look beautiful on my kitchen table….but I could not wait to stick her in this little baby bed! She looked so cute! but was way more interested in eating the flowers….

baby girl in tiny baby bed with flowers by Annie Whitaker Photographer baby girl in flower crown by Annie Whitaker Photography

Love watching these two grow!


New Orleans Baby Photographer {Miri 6 months}

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