Mandeville LA Newborn photographer {Kira 6 weeks}

Alllll the cute babies make it to my blog. Even sweet Kira! This was the best evening! So long ago lol…..but it takes me forever to catch up on my website.

I met this beautiful baby’s momma, Emily, wayyyyyy back in high school. She was the beautiful, talented, outgoing blond that drove a red miata (right, Emily?! I swear I’m not making it up…maybe I just feel like that car suites her most and it’s all in my head lol). The last time I saw her was 2010 at our 10 year high school reunion.

She was just as amazing as I remembered her…..You just gravitate towards her and listen. She is so full of knowledge of history and now life experiences and tells the BEST stories! Fast forward to 2016 and we cross paths again…both at our first day at a new job. It was so comforting to see a familiar face! Throughout the next few years we formed a close group of friends….the type of friends you always wish you would find and sometimes it takes 30 something years lol. The ride or die type of friend that stands by you through the hard times and celebrates with you the good times.

It was the weeks before starting a new school year, now at different schools 🙁 , and we were longgggg over due for a get together. And because of stupid covid, we hadn’t met her most beautiful baby girl! And I couldn’t wait! I’ll never forget the day she told us she was pregnant. Then the day we did the ring test and found out scientifically she was having a girl. And seeing how cute she looked pregnant! I long for the days where we all enjoyed having lunch together. We were finally getting to meet baby Kira.

Sooooo naturally, when there is a baby at the studio….they are getting swaddled and stuck in a basket. No questions asked.


The best part about older newborns is the cheeks!! And Kira’s did not disappoint! Boy her dad’s genes are strong though. I do see Emily now that she’s older….. but these pictures….all dad lol. For the rest of the evening we drank wine, ate snacks and passed around this precious girl. The best kind of night!

The most perfect little bundle….I count my blessings for this group of friends. For good times….for bad times…

Mandeville LA Newborn photographer {Kira 6 weeks}

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