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Every once in awhile, I practice what I preach…..get in the photo! Often times during a consultation when I ask a new mother-to-be about family photos during her session, the answer is no. I kindly suggest that she reconsider and remind them that they just have to get me the baby and while I photograph baby they can get ready at the studio. I promise to photograph from only the most flattering angles. But most importantly, I remind them that at the end of the day, these are the most special photos to have. One day, 20 years from now, you will hanging on to those photos with everything you’ve got. You will stare at how perfectly she fit into your hands and remember how round her little head was and how her forehead wrinkled when her eyes were open. I would give anything to have photos like that. But it’s just memory for me for my oldest.

I also think as a daughter, how amazing it would be to have photos like this with my own mom. Even though in the moment the photos are for us, over the years they will become treasures for your children. We do family photos every few years and as the years by the older ones become priceless. My favorites are proudly displayed on my walls and make me smile so big when I see them.


Fine art family session in Covington LA

Gah! Love love love this bunch! Coco is going to be 13 this year and is important part of the family. It was nice including her this time. Usually we do our family photos in different countries when we travel….but with covid we haven’t done much traveling so we did these at the studio property. It’s a special place so that made these extra special.

This photo cracks me up. I thought about editing a serious one but if this one totally has their personalities shining through.

At all of my outdoor family sessions I try to get a photo of just mom and dad. No kids. I love looking at us through the years too. Twenty-one years of loving this sweet man.

fine art photo of husband and wife

And last but not least, my most cooperative child. I gave up with the other two but she did great lol.

These make me so happy. Moral of the story, get in the photos. Print the photos.

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Covington LA Family Photographer {us}