Twins one week old {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

Twins one week old {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

I will never forget Remie’s first words to me.  The made my heart fill instantly with joy and at the same time worry.

“I have been following your amazing work for a while, waiting for the day I finally get pregnant. After 3 rounds of IVF, I am pregnant with twins!”

Joy because I understood the heartache this momma felt with every negative pregnancy test she took.  The pain in hearing what seems like every one else in the word falling pregnant and wanting to be happy for them but at the same time not understanding why it couldn’t be you.  That overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness when you hear the words “your pregnant” and the million thoughts that followed.  I was SO happy for this momma.  And at the same time the worry sets in.  Please let there be no complications.  Please let both babies be ok.  Please let her make it to full term.  I prayed for her often.  Someone I have never met, but as a mother I wanted this so badly for her.

Fast forward to April and I get the message that she made it to 35 weeks and will have a c-section in a week if they did not come sooner.  35 weeks!  Seeing those words were comforting.  She made it.  But she still wasn’t in the clear.  Not until those babies were safe and sound in her arms.  So I wait.  Like an impatient family member for the text message or email saying they are here and perfect.  And it came…..”the twins were born this morning and are doing amazing”. Sigh of relief and happiness and excitement.

What was I going to do with these babies??  It HAS to be amazing.  This momma has gone through so much and has wanted this for so long.  I have to be creative.  I lie awake the night before each session and think of what I want to do.  What colors will I use, how will I pose the babies.   So nothing is a surprise the next morning.  When they arrived with those sweet babies I was so excited to see how tiny and perfect they were.  And how different they looked!  Many moms will take advantage of having a baby sitter during the session and nap.  Remie decided she wanted to come back with me and watch.  You could tell she was tired.  Probably a mix of exhaustion from staying up all night with typical newborn stuff times two and spending hours on end staring at these tiny miracles.

So we sat quietly together in my tiny home studio that was a cozy 85 degrees and listened to nothing but babies breathing and the sound of oceans crashing from my white nose machine.  Every once in a while I would hear a little whimper coming from Remie.  And in those moments, my heart was full.  Almost bursting.   So grateful to her for the opportunity to be a part of their journey.  And the chance to do something I truly love.  They slept heavily the whole time.  And with careful hands and the softest touch, I got to pose these beautiful babies exactly how I imagined I would the night before.

Introducing Roman and Olivia <3

Twins one week old {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}


You know this is the beginning of a relationship only other twins will understand.  To start the very beginning of life with someone.  So you are never alone.  How amazing is that? I knew they were boy/girl twins so I thought how sweet would it be if baby brother were giving baby sister a kiss.  I have to admit, the second I got them in position… heart melted.


Just as it was important to me to capture them together at the very beginning of their journey as brother and sister, it was also important to me to recognize their individuality and capture individual photos.


But you know, its funny with twins.  It just doesn’t feel right having them apart.  And they are most content when next to each other.


What an amazing morning.   Thank you Remie for letting me be a part of it <3


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Twins one week old {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

Annie Whitaker is a natural light photographer specializing in newborns, baby and child portraiture.  She is currently taking clients from the Northshore (Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville, Abita Springs and Slidell) as well as the New Orleans area (Metairie, Kenner). Clients also travel from Denham Springs, LA and Picayune, MS. Louisiana Newborn Photographer, Mississippi Newborn Photographer, Mandeville Newborn Photographer, Louisiana Baby Photographer, Covington, LA Baby Photographer, Mandeville, LA Baby Photographer, Custom Portrait Photographer, Custom newborn photography in Mandeville, Louisiana by Annie Whitaker Photography

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  1. Eva Morgan-Ryle says:

    Beautiful babies and a touching story. God bless these little ones along with mama and daddy.

  2. Oh my word what gorgeous babies and what a story.

  3. Angie Englerth says:

    Wow! These babies are so adorable and you really captured their connection! I love hearing this mama’s story! Please thank her for her willingness to share! So happy to see her with these two beautiful babies now!

  4. Tammy N William Bunn says:

    This is precious!! Beautiful story and photos!