Toddler posed like newborn {New Orleans Children’s Photographer}

When this sweet girl was born I did what every new parent does.  It was the same thing I did with my oldest when she was born (and still do).  We stare at our babies for hours amazed at how perfect they are and that they are yours and you created this amazing little person.  We count fingers and toes and look at how their nose wrinkles and their little swirls of hair.  And we breathe them in.  Is there anything better than snuggling a sleeping baby, nuzzling your nose into them and inhaling their sweetness?  Not really.  We are so blessed to have Harley.  She came 12 years after our first.  I still can’t believe it.  Maybe that has contributed to my obsession with photographing her constantly.  But I did the same thing with her older sister so who knows.

The picture-taking started right away.  I was that crazy photographer momma 12 hours postpartum standing on her hospital bed trying to get the shadows to fall perfectly over that sweet little face.  When we got home from the hospital, the camera stayed out.  Right there on the coffee table.  I wanted pictures of everything to remind me of this wonderful feeling we were so lucky to experience again.  Bringing home a newborn.  Pictures of our everyday.  The tiny diapers on the coffee table, her napping in her swing (oh so briefly as she preferred then and still does, my arms), all of our visitors.  And I’m so glad I did because I love looking back.

7 Days


That newborn phase went by quickly as it always does but watching her sleep never got old.  Of course I have a million awake photos but in between, every once in a while I thought, let me get her sleeping.

6 weeks


So every few months that’s what I did.

3 months


6 months


She quickly outgrew that box 🙂

After she turned one, my goal was to try to do a newborn session with her over the course of the next year.  So side sleeper, tushy up, froggy, potato sac, sibling.  I know, I’m nuts.

14 months


18 months

This one takes my breath away. Love her.

Toddler posed like newborn {New Orleans Children's Photographer}sleepy-baby18-month-old-sleeping

19 months



20 months


21 months

Macros are just as sweet on older babies…
Sweet sisters <3


22 months


23 months

It was getting harder to do!  For this set up I got this one picture.  The click of the shutter woke her up.


24 months

I wanted just one more sleeping photo of my angel.  So I was all set up ready to go.  She was sleeping.  I wrapped her up and set her down.  Carefully posed her sweet hands and when I went to press the button….this….she opened those sweet eyes and looked up.  And I’m so glad she did.


Tips and What’s Under my Flokati

So you want to give this a try with your toddler?  Preparation is KEY.  I’ve tried and failed not being fully prepared.  It helps to prep them just like a newborn.

  • Wear them out.  I mean so they crash hard.  Go play all morning outside, at the park, go swimming.
  • Then give them an nice bath and leave them in a diaper only OR if you are putting them in a neutral onesie or dress do that now (or after lunch).
  • Feed them lunch so they are nice and full.
  • Most importantly have everything set up.  Know what pose you want to attempt.  In my experience, I was able to do one at a time with slight variations.  Have your light set up, flokati ready, camera tested and on and ready to go.
  • Have you accessories next to you so when your toddler falls asleep you can slowly wrap them up or put on the tiebacks and bonnets while they are in your arms.
  • Now its time to pose!  I do it just as I would a newborn, carefully and purposely.  If she would stir, I would shush her back to sleep.  Use your hands to apply pressure so they feel secure.  Y’all, seriously everything you would do for a newborn.
  • Use your stuffers to mold baby into position.  So what’s under my blanket?

I use this under my potato sac poses for newborns AND pretty much every flokati shot here.  It is a down comforter bed topper which is flexible but firm when rolled up underneath and I use a large round basket sometimes to hold it in place.  Then lots of stuffers of posing beans to keep those little hands in place.


See it makes a nice pocket for newborn or can be molded around your toddler 🙂


You can roll it up and use it to prop them up as shown here.  If you need a little extra support, you can use a rolled up yoga mat.  Think what do I need to pose a newborn but gigantic 🙂


Hope this helps!!  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more sweet sleeping baby photos.

All of my amazing flokati are from Luneberry

Posing beans to fine tune poses from Photo props by Gabriella

Cute baby by me 🙂


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  1. Danielle Longnecker says:

    Oh my goodness! So adorable! This makes me want to have a baby and fly her out to you every couple of weeks!

  2. Jennifer Tinkham says:

    I think i love the older ones even more than the newborn ones. Something about those toddler cheeks. So sweet! Excellent job. Wish I could have been this talented to get these of my babies.

  3. Stacy Randazzo Norton says:

    So Beautiful!

  4. Kelley Garay says:

    Where are the headbands from? Love them all

  5. Rebecca Brown Strain says:

    Annie, this is seriously the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And the way you wrote it..❤️ Absolutely perfect.

  6. Olivia Jenner says:

    So gorgeous. She is just beautiful!

  7. Brittney Bietz says:

    These are stunning – I’m absolutely in love!

  8. Vicky Zimerfeld says:

    No words this is just so beautiful, gorgeous model too!

  9. Rachel Swindell Demand says:

    This is so cute and what a great idea! Love it!

  10. Jennifer Kohl says:

    You’re amazing and thanks for the tips! I’m
    Going to try this with my 10 month old!

  11. Clare Ahalt says:

    these are just stunning!

  12. Shauna MacDonald says:

    This is so beautiful! Love this. So heavenly