Three sisters newborn portrait session

When their new baby sister arrived, we created lasting memories with these three sisters at their newborn portrait session.

This is another family that I have loved watching grow over the years and I was so excited to create something special for them with baby number three. And to find out  it was another little girl!    I love sessions with three sisters as it reminds me of my own sisters. I remember always being dressed alike for photo shoots and cherish the photos we have together.

Baby Girl’s First Portrait Session

newborn baby girl on rose colored backdrop wrapped newborn baby girl newborn girl in bucket pose


While newborn sessions do focus on the new baby, this is also a great opportunity to get updated individual photos of the older siblings, as well as all of the siblings together and family portraits.

Family Portraits with Newborn Baby

I know it is so important for momma’s to get a good photo of all of her babies together.  I find that siblings love showing off their new baby….and if not, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to make it look like they do lol.  With these girls it was easy.  They couldn’t keep their hands off of their precious new sister.

three sisters newborn portrait session


It’s amazing to see how much these precious girls have grown, and how well they have assumed their new role.  They all look so similar to each other, yet unique with their own special features.

adorable toddler in vintage dress


Vintage Clothing for Your Portrait Session

I am often asked by clients where do I find all of the beautiful vintage dresses I have available for them at their sessions.  I get them from all over!  You can find them on EBAY or  ETSY.  I even find them searching hashtags on Instagram.  I love to search local antique shops for children’s clothes and even when I travel I make sure to stop at local antique shops.  You never know what you are going to find!

Now booking spring 2024 newborn sessions.  If you are interested in scheduling a session, email me at or fill out my contact form HERE.

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