Slidell LA Family Photographer {Benjamin 1 year}

Slidell LA Family Photographer {Benjamin 1 year}

I know I sound like a broken record but boy did I love this session. I knew from the moment I saw Benjamin and his precious golden curls I knew it was going to be amazing….and it was! We picked out the cutest little vintage overalls for him. And I quickly found out he was car obsessed so we let him with the little cars during the session and his reward was to get in the big car at the end. He was in toddler heaven!

Benjamin 1 year

Such a sweet photo of a momma and baby! I think he is going to cherish this one when he is older. I don’t know which ones I love more….the indoor studio or the outdoor photos. It was such a beautiful evening and not too hot. Perfectly overcast too. My favorite kind of day. Everything was so green and beautiful. It’s the perfect family photo with the most beautiful oak tree! I need to do this with my family one day….

If that little tongue doesn’t make you smile…..

I swear everything he did was adorable! Baby in clovers ahhhhhh LOVE!

He was definitely happiest in the car! He didn’t want to get out. This was in my grandmas attic for years. allll the kids love it! Even the big ones. It’s so funny because they ask why it doesn’t go with a battery. They all love getting in it. I have to hide it sometimes lol.

Such a fun session! I left it so happy and couldn’t wait to get the pictures off of my camera!

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Slidell LA Family Photographer {Benjamin 1 year}

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