Roman and Olivia 6 months {Madisonville Family Photographer}

Roman and Olivia 6 months {Madisonville Family Photographer}

It’s hard to believe it has been almost a year since I was contacted by this sweet momma.  She finally was pregnant with twins after such a long journey.  Emails like those make my heart smile not just because it was a happy ending (or should  I say beginning) but it was clear that she valued me as a photographer and couldn’t wait to see what my vision was for her family.  Here we are almost one year since that first email and her sweet twins are already 6 months old.  I can’t even believe it.  It felt like I waited forever for them to be born and their newborn session came and went.  Click here to see the beautiful images from when they were one week old.  They were such tiny, fragile little babies and have grown into two precious little humans with distinct features and personalities.  Roman was ALL smiles the second I opened the car door to peak in at how much he has grown.  And Miss Olivia was very serious with her big eyes wondering who this strange person was.  Roman was not quite sitting up and was not interested in the little box I had to put him in but still oh so adorable:)


We finally got some smiles from them….and how perfect it was when they were together.


This was my first time photographing the four of them together as a family.  Mom and Dad just enjoyed playing with and loving on those sweet babies and I just happened to have my camera.

Roman and Olivia 6 months {Madisonville Family Photographer}family-of-foursweet-baby-boymom-and-baby-girl-at-sunset

The sunset was absolutely beautiful through the trees.  I couldn’t resist getting a picture of the these two and try to put on film (or I guess media card lol) the love they share for each other.  And my hubby got me a new awesome lens I wanted to try out 🙂


The last photo of the evening was so sweet.  I love how Olivia is smiling at her momma.


So grateful for the opportunity to have met this sweet family and document these precious moments.

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