Roman and Olivia 1 year {Madisonville baby photographer}

Someone explain to me why time goes by so much faster once you have children.   Even with the babies I photograph.  I year literally flies by.  I absolutely cannot believe that this weekend I took Roman and Olivia’s one year photos.  I was JUST anticipating their arrival.  Oh they were the sweetest of newborns.  So teeny tiny and perfect and a session I will never ever forget as long as I live.

There are so many things that are still in 2017 so hush hush and not talked about openly like they should be making those that go through it feel alone and isolated.  For example, infertility and postpartum depression.  Being a mom, a friend, and newborn photographer these are things that I see all too often.  They are common.  If this is something you are experiencing you are not alone in your struggle.  Chances are you will come across someone in your day to day activities who has experienced these challenges that come along with motherhood.

I love than Remi is so open about her journey to motherhood because it gives others hope.  It is not an easy road for many and these babies are  the perfect example of the light at the end of the tunnel.  They were so loved and wanted long before they were conceived.  That is evident in every single session I have had with them.

Oh look how tiny!  You can see more of their Roman and Olivia and all of their newborn sweetness here.

Newborn twins hugging by Annie Whitaker Photography

I think my favorite session was last November.  Seeing these four interact as a family was pretty awesome.  The light was so beautiful that evening.  And I could see their little personalities developing.  Roman is very easy going and smiley and Miss Olivia is very serious and observant of everything around her.

See more of their family session here.

Beautiful Madisonville Family session by Annie Whitaker Photography

And here we are one whole year later….one year of firsts, first smiles, first words, first foods first baths, car rides, visits to grandmas house.  A year of baby snuggles, night time feedings and feeling as though your heart may burst with happiness.  The first year is amazing.  Part of you gets sad because the baby days slowly come to an end and part of you rejoices thinking of all of the wonderful things to come.

Roman and Olivia 1 year {Madisonville baby photographer}

And their personalities are exactly the same!  Roman smiled the second he saw me and Olivia is the funniest little thing.  She was dancing and kicking her little leg and clapping her hands to the mickey mouse song her momma was playing and didn’t crack a smile!  So funny!  She was happy as can be and still so serious!  I was lucky to get a few little smirks….

Beautiful baby girl one year session by Annie Whitaker Photography Handsome baby boy one year session by Annie Whitaker Photography

Speaking of firsts….Miss Olivia is wearing her first WDW!  A reason in itself for a photoshoot, right?  Love photographing fellow wolfies!

Stunning baby in Well Dressed Wolf naomi rain by Annie Whitaker Photography Madisonville LA twin baby photographer by Annie Whitaker Photography baby girl in well dressed wolf by Annie Whitaker Photography

She looked absolutely stunning in naomi rain…….

So lucky to have met this little family.  Their sessions bring me so much joy.

If you are interested in a baby milestone session, fill out my contact form today and I will be in touch!


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  1. What a beautiful session! the children are precious!

  2. breeanna lasher says:

    You have captured so many precious moments for this family, and I am sure that they will treasure them forever! You capture families in such a unique and personal way, and it is a joy to peruse your work!

  3. The photo with the parents holding the babies is beautiful. The lighting is stunning and i wish we had Spanish moss where i live.

  4. These are just gorgeous! The light is so lovely <3