Pumkin patch {Emma & Harley}

A few friends have stuck around for the long haul. Senia is one of them. We quickly adopted her into our family when my sister and I were in our early 20’s and she’s been there every since! So naturally when Emma was born, she and Harley were destined to be friends.

At first Harley was, how do you put it…..a little jealous. Especially when Emma came for her birthday and wanted to play with her toys lol. But over the years they developed the sweetest little friendship and Harley is upset for dayyyyyys after Emma leaves. And she is always counting down to the next visit. I love getting to sneak a few photos of the two of them together to see how much they have grown.

This year we went to my new favorite spot at our new property. I seriously couldn’t love it more. Nature created the most perfect little storybook picture spot for me. I will use it endlessly 🙂

Harley and Emma

I couldn’t love how these turned out any more than I do! The precious outfits from Fox & Heron and Well Dressed Wolf worked perfectly together! These two….such different personalities yet they play SO well together.

This silly girl…..

This sweet girl will be turning 6 soon. It really is amazing how fast they grown and change. Such a beautiful young lady <3

Always a fun day when these two visit!

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Pumkin patch {Emma & Harley}