Ponchatoula LA Children’s Photographer {Adalyn 6 years}

Ponchatoula LA Children’s Photographer {Adalyn 6 years}

Lindy and I have been friends for a lonnnnnnggg time….I think her family moved here when her sister and I were in jr. high together. She lived down the street from me and my sisters and I lived at their house. We did everything together. Lindy has also experienced my photography through the ages lol. I photographed all of her babies as newborns while I was testing out this whole newborn photographer thing. My first pics for her were mostly film, some even scanned into my computer so I could paint on some color lol! I cringe and love it all at the same time.

When Adalyn was born I did her newborn photos too. You could tell early on she was going to be a diva. She was very opinionated as to which poses she would do. Not much has changed. She showed up to her 6 year old session with an assortment of dresses, high heels and a sassy attitude to match. She straight up modeled the whole time. Posed non stop and did everything I asked. It was too cute. Lindy even sent me pic from when they got home….she was STILL posing and making Lindy take pictures of her lol.

Adalyn 6 years

That green was perfect on her. And I happened to have the perfect halo to match from Ivy and Nell. I was excited to use it.

She looked pretty in every color.

girl in blue dress

Bittersweet watching our babies grow up. Six years flew by. But it’s also fun to see what each stage holds. Adalyn definitely has a big personality

Fall is just about full. Now booking Spring 2020 sessions. I don’t know how we are already in 2020…..If you are interested in scheduling a session, fill out my contact form today.

Ponchatoula LA Children’s Photographer {Adalyn 6 years}

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