Pet Photography in New Orleans {chick newborn session}

Once upon a quarantine, there lived and AP Biology teacher/ part time photographer (basically a Queen) who’s student’s begged her to hatched chicks for an animal development lab. She loved this particular class so much she just couldn’t say no and figured out how to incorporated it into their curriculum. 

So they gathered an incubator and 25 fertilized eggs and they brainstormed for days the names of the chicks….all based on inside jokes from the class. They carefully placed the eggs in and monitored the temperature and humidity until one day a terrible virus swept across the nation and all of the student’s and teachers at had to resort to virtual learning. So that meant, Mrs. Whitaker was taking 25 fertilized eggs in an incubator home. 

Luckily a princess named Harley lived at Mrs. Whitaker’s castle and she quickly adopted these tiny eggs. She monitored their temperature daily and added water to make sure the humidity was just high. And she shined a flashlight to them often to monitor their growth. She was SO excited to see them hatch. ?

Chicken’s have a 21 day incubation period and on day 18 the Queen and the princess took them off of the egg turner and watched them impatiently. On the 20th day there was a crack in one of the shells and cheeps coming from inside the egg shell. It was amazing!! They watched attentively as the first chick hatched. That chick was named Harley Chicken.  ?

They watched continuously day and night until all chicks were hatched. Naturally, with newborns in the house, the queen, also a newborn photographer, had to take mandatory photographs to capture such a special time in the chick’s lives. We all know chicks grow so fast and it was imperative to capture their teeny tiny little chick features.¬†

The very next week they were teenage chickens moving out to their new forever homes. But princess Harley will look back at her babies newborn photos for years to come ??????????????????????

The stages of a chick falling asleep lol:

newborn chicks falling asleep

There is always the one in newborn photography that just won’t sleep….

Coco has been obsessed with them. She checks the cage daily and is SO curious. So naturally she had to get a photo with some of her babies.

Pomeranian with baby chicks

Too much cuteness in one photo!

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Pet Photography in New Orleans {chick newborn session}