Oliver Day 11 {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

Oliver Day 10 {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

My calendar is usually filled up about two months in advance and unfortunately I can’t take every sweet newborn that comes my way.  But occasionally the stars align and it works out that I can take a last minute appointment.  When Kay contacted me, Oliver was already 6 days old.  but fortunately, last week was Mardi Gras week here in Louisiana and as a teacher, I had the week off so I could take an extra newborn on top of my scheduled one.

I’m so glad it worked out because they were the sweetest little family and Oliver was beyond precious.

I always start older newborns wrapped up snug as a bug for the potato sac pose because it gets them nice and sleepy.  The further they get from their birth date the more alert babies are and more stretched out.  So this helps to curl them up and make them cozy and tired.  And not to mention they look so cute wrapped up……

Newborn baby potato sac posesmiling newborn boyOliver Day 11 {New Orleans Newborn Photographer}

I like to keep things pretty neutral and add one accent color for a session.  Oliver’s momma picked out this beautiful blue fluff that looked awesome with his fair skin.

newborn boy on blue fluffbeautiful profile of newborn boy on blue fluff

Oliver did not want anything to do with the bean bag.  It’s funny how every baby is different and some do not like certain poses.  He would open his eyes wide every time I put him down.  But eventually he crashed back out…..

baby boy yawning

At the end of his session we tried one last time and I was able to get mushy up.  You would never guess he hated it by how cute he looked lol

baby boy bum up pose

Last but not least, you know my favorite at every newborn session is the family photos.  They are always so so sweet and show so much love and theirs was no exception.

family of three

Check out Oliver’s session under my “Featured Sessions” .  If you are expecting and interested in scheduling a session contact me today.

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  1. I love your style!  Such a gorgeous newborn session!