These precious babies were models for day 2 of a newborn mentoring workshop. It worked out perfectly because each photographer could practice the posing they needed to work on that day. In each of these set-ups, the babies were styled and posed by Erin of My Hope Photography and Charmekia of CharMarie Photography. To say I am proud is an understatement. Their wrapping, posing and hand placement was spot on. This batch of images for mom and dad were edited by me, but I can promise you their editing is spot on too.

Here are just a few of my favorites <3

Rowan and Hazel Two Weeks

I wanted to make sure to get some together for mom and dad. And it let me show the ladies simple and beautiful ways for posing twins. They looked so sweet snuggled up to each other!

Last but not least, I promised momma I would get a photo of all of her babies. I think this is my favorite. They are all so beautiful.

Newborn Photography Mentoring {Hazel and Rowan}

Was such a fun morning with this bunch!

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