Newborn photography mentor {Covington LA}

Newborn photography mentor {Covington LA}

If you follow me on social media then you know that I also teach high school. Photography is something I focus on on weekends and school holidays. My schedule is already packed; however, a few times a year I allow myself to combine my two passions and teach newborn photography to fellow photographers who want to perfect their craft.

This little guy came to model for a workshop over Mardi Gras Break. I used him to demonstrate wrapping. I think the wrapped poses are my favorite. Especially a snuggly baby wrapped in a basket. I think there is nothing sweeter.

David Day 8

This little man’s name is David…can you guess what his last name is?? Crockett!! I thought that was the funniest thing. I love it! David had the most precious little face and blond hair. Here are some favorites from his modeling debut.

He was a perfect little model and loved being wrapped… all babies do. Even when mom says they don’t like it I prove them otherwise lol.

It’s amazing how much variety you can get from a single wrap. If that base wrap is done correctly you can just move from set up to set up seamlessly!

I really have fallen in love with wrapped newborns with parent posing. I don’t know why but it looks weird to me when everyone is dressed in a photo and baby is naked. This sweet boy’s grandmother came to the workshop so naturally a generational photo was a must.

He woke up after I unwrapped him (big surprise) and had the cutest little face. I had to get a photo of him awake. Turns out to be my favorite!

Newborn photography mentor {Covington LA}

If you are interested in learning how to perfect your newborn wrapping among other things and would like to come and learn from me, you can find information on newborn mentoring here. I take a VERY limited number of these a year as I also do lots of other things lol.

Beautiful knits are from Maple Cottage Props

Newborn photography mentor {Covington LA}

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