I met Brigham and Sienna a little over a year ago at there one year session.  They were just as sweet as can be.  I was so excited to see what they looked like and how they would react to their new baby brother.  Well they are still just as cute as ever and were pretty excited to play with all of Harley’s toys.  Sawyer was so adorable and so chunky! He had the best round cheeks that come with the bigger babies.   He’s a very curious newborn and did not want to go to sleep….so I wrapped him up.  They always sleep when I wrap them.  And Sawyer was no exception.

Sawyer Day 12

little boy blue by Annie Whitaker Photography profile picture of newborn boy by Annie Whitaker Photography baby boy in navy set up by Annie Whitaker Photography

You know I can’t resist a bear bonnet….

baby boy in bear Bonnet by Annie Whitaker PHotography newborn baby holding bear lovie by Annie Whitaker Photography

He still wasn’t completely asleep so he stopped for a snack.  After that I managed to sneak in two more poses before he woke up again.  These three are the cutest!  They will always have someone to play with.

brother and sister with newborn by Annie Whitaker Photography Baby boy in cream wrap by Annie Whitaker Photography

Then this was the look I got for a while lol.  Who are you lady? What is that big black box? Where is my mom?

Awake newborn stare down by Annie Whitaker Photography

He eventually went back to sleep…. They always do.

New Orleans Newborn Photographer {Sawyer Day 12} Two year old twins with newborn brother by Annie Whitaker Photography

Brigham and Sienna look a little unsure about the new guy that has moved into their house.

They came back the next day for family pictures.  I’m so glad they did because these are the pictures that Sawyer will cherish when he is older.  How his mom looked at him when she held him.  How small he looked in dad’s hands…

Mother holding newborn son by Annie Whitaker Photography dad holding newborn son by Annie Whitaker Photography

First family photos as a family of five…such a sweet time in their lives.

Family of five by Annie Whitaker Photography

Not only did this momma travel across Lake Pontchatrain with 2 year old twins and a newborn but she did it two days in a row! So blessed to have such awesome clients that let me be a part of such special times in their lives.

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