New Orleans Newborn Photographer {Kade}

New Orleans Newborn Photographer {Kade}

This beautiful baby boy came to me for his newborn session earlier this year. He was 20 days old. I typically like to have newborn sessions under 2 weeks of age if possible, but that’s not to say you can’t get beautiful photos with older newborns. He was content when he was wrapped up, so that’s what we did. Bundled him up so he was nice and comfortable and snuggly to put in baskets and for his big brother to hold.

Kade Day 20

In my experience, newborns are most likely to smile after a good feeding and when they are swaddled. I usually get a smile in this pose. Kade smiled right on cue! It’s so funny because you can see it coming and try to coax it out of them with a soft voice or light touch to their cheek. How sweet is this?

And can we take a moment to appreciate how sweet and gentle big brother Kendall was? I do enjoy photographing older siblings. It’s a different kind of love. And they are much calmer lol.

The bear bonnets from Heartstrings are some of my favorite props. The angora yarn she uses is so luxurious. Babies look extra cozy all wrapped up in something so soft and the tiny ears are just the cutest touch. Look at this sweet little bear.

I love a good all-cream/white setup. It is just so simple and beautiful.

newborn baby boy in all cream set up

Last but not least, one more of the cutest brother duo around. I LOVE this one!

stunning fine art sibling photo of boy with newborn

I enjoyed my morning with these two and love how their portraits turned out. If you are interested in scheduling a newborn session, email me at or fill out my contact form HERE.

New Orleans Newborn Photographer {Kade}

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