New Orleans newborn photographer {Inez 4 weeks)

New Orleans newborn photographer {Inez 4 weeks)

This beautiful boy came for his newborn session at 4 weeks old. He had the MOST beautiful head of hair. He was a happy boy and gave sooooo many big smiles. Inez was an older newborn but that shouldn’t discourage you from seeking out a newborn photographer. Yes, they are a little bigger and not as bendy. Sometimes they just want to stay wrapped up but you will have beautiful photos of your little one regardless. And you know how fast they grow! In two weeks he will be chubbier and much more alert. Every stage is so precious.

This little guy arrived awake but after a good feeding crashed right out.

Inez 4 weeks

His little tongue sticking out was just too much!

He looked so handsome in green that I wish more parents selected that color. I sneak it in sometimes but his sweet momma specifically requested green and I was so happy.

I love petite newborn sessions. Short and sweet and guaranteed a beautiful collection of photos of your precious new bundle.

Now booking spring 2021 due dates. If you are interested in scheduling a session fill out my contact form today.

Beautiful green knits from Maple Cottage Props

Furs from: Cwtchicoo

New Orleans newborn photographer {Inez 4 weeks)

Inez was featured for his New Orleans LA newborn session

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  1. hye soo na says:

    Our Newborn was born December 5, 2020. Is it too late to book a session with you?