I was pretty excited about this session. The gender of their sweet baby was unknown and mom wanted simple and green as an accent color! I was secretly hoping for a baby girl because I love using nontraditional colors. I was so excited to find out Elle Monroe made her debut earlier this month and could not wait to meet her!

Elle Day 11

newborn girl on grey back drop
newborn baby back rolls

How does someone so tiny have such amazing back rolls?! And those beautiful blond eyelashes and that wispy blond hair….she was SO pretty!

newborn girl on green backdrop
newborn baby in green wrap and bonnet

She slept so well the entire session.

My favorite part of every session are the parent photos. These were exceptionally sweet. She wouldn’t keep her little mouth closed….definitely a mouth breather…so I tucked her little hand under her chin. It looked soooo cute!!

They brought two very special things to her session…..her grandmother and her grandfather’s coat. So naturally we had to get a photo with both.

Newborn girl with mom, dad and grandma

Look how loved this sweet girl is. So normally I get a few newborn smiles during a session. Elle was pretty serious and didn’t even give me a tiny one the entire time…..that is until I put her into her grandfather’s “arms”. Out of nowhere she gave the biggest grin! It was the sweetest thing and I was so happy I was able to catch it because it was over so quickly.

Such a special session I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

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New Orleans Newborn Photographer-{Elle Day 11}