New Orleans newborn photographer {Charlotte and Ellie}

There is something extra special about photographing multiples. I am fascinated by them and love posing them together. These precious girls came to me for their newborn session at 6 weeks old, but really only two weeks past their original due date. They definitely favored each other but also had their own defining characteristics. Ellie was smaller and had dark hair. She puckered her lips a lot during their session. It was so cute. Charlotte was a little bigger with the best chubby cheeks and sweetest newborn smiles.

Mattie helped out with this session. It is nice having extra hands with multiples to hold babies and feed them when needed. She was a huge help and I think had fun snuggling them too.

Charlotte and Ellie 6 weeks

The session started with a big smile from Charlotte. It was so sweet!

The loved being wrapped up nice and cozy. They looked so pretty in purple.

New Orleans newborn photographer {Charlotte and Ellie}

It’s so nice when there are older siblings who aren’t toddlers. Patrick was so sweet with his baby sisters. And these girls will always have someone looking out for them.

10 year old brother holding twin sisters

One of my favorite things to do is photograph twins snuggling together. This was my favorite photo of their session. It is just the sweetest.

Last but not least, family photos! We wrapped these two back up because they were starting to wake up and they crashed back out. How sweet is this bunch?!

This was such a fun session. I always enjoy a session with multiples and a morning with Mattie.

Headbands: Poppy and Cy and Good night moon props

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New Orleans newborn photographer {Charlotte and Ellie}