New Orleans Newborn Photographer {Bailey}

I ask every mom to send me a snap shot of their little one prior to their session so that I can plan the perfect set ups just for them. When Marissa sent me a photo of her sweet girl, I may have gasped. She was SO beautiful! Gorgeous skin, pouty lips and a head full of thick dark curls…..I could not wait to see her in person!

I have to admit, I think I spent the first 10 minutes of her session just playing with her hair. She made the cutest little noises and despite being vocal with lots of little squeaks, she was pretty calm and easy to pose. And not to mention she looked so pretty on every single thing I put her on.


She had the prettiest little features. She was so dainty.

Marissa chose pink as her accent color. I couldn’t resist incorporating this deeper fall shade. I think it looked so pretty with her dark hair.

The best part of her session was all of the smiles she gave! Not just one or two but more like non-stop and she wouldn’t just smile she actually GIGGLED! I have never seen a newborn laugh before the way she did. It was the cutest thing ever!

newborn in perfect potato sac pose smiling

Seriously, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She kinda peeked her eyes open for a little bit, only to give some more sweet grins.

Then she did it AGAIN! More giggles!! I wish I could’ve video taped it. It was hard to keep photographing her when I just wanted to watch her laugh!

Just when I thought she finally crashed and was finished laughing she gave the sweetest little sunshine eyes in her sleep. I just about melted into a big puddle. It was so precious. She must have been having a good dream.

As if her cuteness weren’t enough, she had the most adorable big brother. Bryson was so well behaved and so good with his little sister. He just loved on her and snuggled her and gave the sweetest smiles. All he wanted to do was play with her hair. Can you blame him?

newborn girl and big brother

This was the sweetest little family! Bailey fit in perfectly.

Clearly I’m over-sharing here. It was just impossible to narrow it down. It was such a pleasure photographing this beautiful family with their precious new addition.

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New Orleans Newborn Photographer {Bailey}