New Orleans Newborn Photographer {Adelais Day 6}

Jolie and I go waaaayyyyy back… I mean as far back as jr. high school. So it really means the world to me that she has chosen me to photograph her beautiful babies. Adelais was my first baby of 2019…how crazy is that to type….wasn’t Y2K was just yesterday? I was so happy to see Jolie wanted purple and mint for her session. I definitely get tired of pink for baby girls. Adelais had beautiful light brown hair with strawberry blond undertones so the mint was really beautiful on her.

Adelais Day 6

New Orleans Newborn Photographer {Adelais Day 6}

That is definitely her color! Jolie had mentioned she liked the bonnet with ears. You know how much I love my baby animals!

Baby girl in bear bonnet

This sweet girl did not want to be unsaddled. She loved being wrapped up nice and cozy. I did manage to get one set up but she was not happy about it lol.

Purple looked so pretty on her too!

I always love photos with mom and baby. There is just nothing sweeter than those newborn snuggles.

Her big brother Isaac was just as sweet as can be. I asked him to give his sister a kiss. When he did he realized how soft her little head was and he closed his eyes and kept rubbing his face on her head back and forth. Oh my goodness! It was so precious!!

He was even so good for his photo with her! She’s lucky to have such a sweet big brother.

Loved this session so much! Grateful for old friends 🙂

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