New Orleans Family Photographer {Finley One Year}

I was lucky to have been chosen to photograph this sweet boy when he was just a few days old.  I love getting to see how much they have changed and how their little personalities develop in just one year.  Finley is FULL of personality.  He got out of the car smiling and didn’t stop the entire time.  We decided to have their session at Fontainebleau State Park.  It is always a favorite with it’s large beautiful oak trees and very easy to get to for South Shore clients.

Finley 1 year

Best Family Photographer in New Orleans LA New Orleans Family Photographer {Finley One Year} Family session at Fontainebleau State Park by Annie Whitaker Photography Baby boy with mom and dad by Annie Whitaker PhotographyBaby boy pointing at sky by Annie Whitaker Photography baby milestone session in New Orleans LA

He seriously had the cutest smile ever!  And he was so curious! He pointed at EVERYTHING that flew by, drove by, made noise……

Mother holding baby boy by Annie Whitaker Photography Dad and son by Annie Whitaker Photography

The weather forecast said 80% chance of rain all week but by the time we got to Saturday it was down to 40%.  It was cloudy all day with the sun peeking out occasionally so we moved their session up an hour.  I was worried about it being too dark during the golden hour.  I’m so glad I did because once the clouds covered the sun it got dark quickly!  We still got some sweet photos with lots of sweet smiles from Finley until the end.

sweet family of four by Annie Whitaker Photography

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