I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this little guy since he was just born.  I met his sweet momma just before that at his cousin’s newborn session.  I know Brandie has been looking forward to this session even before he was born.  I remember her being at my house for Luke’s newborn session and she was looking at Harley’s pictures in the wildflowers saying how much she could not wait to do Luke’s photos there too.  We even talked about how sweet he would look in a little pair of suspenders. Fast forward 15 months and it was finally time.  Luke is walking like a champ and the flowers are in full bloom.

It’s hard “planning” a date for a session like this because you are kind of waiting on mother nature.  Last year they were blooming in mid April so we had tentatively planned for over spring break.   They are about an hour away from my house and since I’m not working in New Orleans any more it is not as easy to just drive by and check on them.  So I stopped in on my way to LaPlace in April when I made a trip to see my grandmother and it looked like they were about two weeks away from blooming.  I was so excited.  Two weeks later I took Harley and they were SO full! A sea of yellow and purple. I knew that if it stayed relatively cool they would last another week or so.

You just never know with this weather in Louisiana but fortunately we actually had a few little cool fronts come in that kept the flowers beautiful just for Brandie.  And honestly, I prefer it this way.  I love all the green mixed in with the pops of color.

I got there a little early to shoot a few pictures of Harley.  You can see more of those photos here.  When Luke arrived he was his typical happy self.  All smiles 🙂  As with everything, I do believe things happen for a reason because it turned out perfectly.  It was about two hours before sunset so not really ideal lighting but it was overcast so that helped a lot.  So in between the sun peaking out from behind the clouds, we had their session 🙂

And it was perfect….

One year old boy in wildflowers at New Orleans City Park by Annie Whitaker Photography Mommy kissing one year old sun in wildflowers by Annie Whitaker Photography Mommy kissing one year old in wildflowers by Annie Whitaker Photography

Aren’t they precious??  I know I am oversharing for a blog post and this was a short and sweet session but these pictures make me so happy I had to put them all here.  My absolute favorite one is little Luke bringing his momma flowers.  I think because its such a simple thing that we take for granted.  When your little ones are small enough to get excited to bring you little bundles of flowers.  These stages pass too quickly.

New Orleans City Park Wildflower Mommy and Me by Annie Whitaker Photography

Every time I am taking pictures here I can never decide whether I like the purple or orange flowers better.  Which is your favorite?  Today for me is orange.  But I will sit down to edit tomorrow and it will be purple 🙂

Fine Art Children's Photography by Annie Whitaker Photography Mommy and me session at New Orleans City Park by Annie Whitaker Photography New Orleans Fine Art Children's Photography by Annie Whitaker Photography

So glad we were able to make this session happen.  So lucky for such sweet clients who give me creative freedom.

If you are interested in a photo session with your little ones, contact me today!


Oh my goodness! These Wildflower portraits are stunning! (And what an adorable little boy!) Beautiful Work!!

Wow! these pictures are stunning! love them all!

Gorgeous wildflower mommy and me photo session! This location is divine! You did a fantastic job with these treasured portraits.