New Orleans Children’s Photographer

The best part about growing up with siblings is that you always have someone to play with….or get into something you are not supposed to lol. These three were so precious. Three different personalities, all so polite.

I went to graduate school with their sweet momma, Mary Beth, in what feels like another lifetime. It’s easy to see where they get their gentle and kind mannerisms. I have enjoyed all of these sibling sessions at the studio this summer. It is such a magical place. And I am still in the pinch me phase. It is a dream come true having a place for them to play with no distractions.

Felix, Henry and Rosalie

These three were the cutest bunch! Felix was such a good listener and so cooperative, Henry was full of sweetness and Miss Rosalie ran the show lol. They loved to swing, snuggle, and weren’t afraid of bugs. My favorite photo was when Rosalie took the flowers and ran. She was bringing them to her mom and dad.

Everything is so bright and green and wonderful in the summer. It’s my favorite. I could spend every day out here. They were a bit hesitant at first to get on the tire swing. But once everyone was on it they were all smiles.

These are some of my favorite sibling photos! Their precious outfits were from Well Dressed Wolf.

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New Orleans Children’s Photographer