Even the Strainaker children get blogged lol… My besties sweet kids who are more like family than anything. They have both been in front of my camera since they were babies. It is just as depressing seeing how big they are getting as it is watching my own two grow up.

Jaden and Andrew

Becca sent me a photo of Jaden’s dress so I was on the hunt for a place to match. I was surprised to find this tree with yellow flowers still in bloom. I was there in January for photos of Harley. There were a few left so I figured I would make it work.

When we were out there the sweetest lady opened her door and asked if we would like to use her garden….which happened to be filled with beautiful yellow roses! It was perfect and the sweetest backdrop for these two.

The last stop was on Boston street. I love the colors on this building. It was so pretty with the yellow in Jaden’s dress.

New Orleans Children's Photographer {Jaden and Andrew}