New Orleans Children’s Photographer {Hailey and Emaline}

New Orleans Children’s Photographer {Hailey and Emaline}

These sweet girl’s momma and I met through facebook as she is another talented photographer in our area. I think we were both equally excited about their session. Lauren and I went back and forth about ideas for outfits and finally decided on these precious pinafores from Well Dressed Wolf.…one of my favorite children’s brands. Then we needed to decide on location. Well, that’s easy for me. It’s hard for me to shoot anywhere else beside our property. It is just too perfect. The big oaks are so magical and the tree swings are so fun for children. Once we had our ideas mapped out we needed to set a session date. That was the hard part. Photographer’s schedules are so variable with scheduling and rescheduling because of the weather. Put two photographers together trying to schedule a session and it is extra difficult.

The first time we pushed back their session was because Lauren and I were both getting our second covid vaccines the day before. I am so glad she insisted on moving it because I had the worrrrrst reaction to the vaccine. It was unbelievable awful with sky high fever, hallucinations and flu symptoms times 1 billion. The next (two, I think?) times we pushed their session back was because of rain. Which in Louisiana is pretty much every day. And this has been the rainiest year ever. Then she was super understanding when I realized I moved their session to the day of Harley’s recital sooo……reschedule again. LOL.

Hailey 6 and Emaline 3

We started their session on my favorite fallen log. Hailey read to Emaline and Emaline insisted on holding the book and turning the pages. I’m so glad Lauren got a video because it was just so sweet!

The day we actually had their session was pretty perfect though. Not too hot and the ground was dry. The only problem was Lauren was excited about all of the tulips and daffodils blooming around the property but they are so short lived! They were long gone by the time we had their session so I knew I had to improvise and be creative. I didn’t love the flowers at the store so went flower scouting. I wasn’t having any luck until I got home and looked in my back yard. The jasmine vines at my house were in full bloom and SO beautiful! So I snipped a few vines. I adore how it came out!! Even better than the daffodils I think.

Next we went to the tree swing. Now this took quite a few tries because Emaline did not want to share the swing at all lol. She wanted it all for herself. After lots of bribery we finally got the photos momma wanted of the two of them together on the swing. After lots of candy she finally was ok with Hailey being on their with her.

The session had an unfortunate ending with me sitting poor Emaline down in an ant pile…….Damn Louisiana….rain and bugs. But she was a trooper and I’m sure still talks about it lol.

I ADORE this session so much!! They looked like little models and could not have been sweeter.

Now booking fall sessions. If you are interested in a session for your children, contact the studio today.

New Orleans Children’s Photographer {Hailey and Emaline}

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