New Orlean’s Children’s Photographer {Emma}

New Orlean’s Children’s Photographer {Emma }

Senia and I have been friends for years….She is my sisters best friend. Somewhere along the line she turned into family. Five years ago we were both expecting baby girls. My Harley just turned 5 in July and Emma will turn 5 in October. They have been best buds since birth. Harley cannot accept the fact that her name is Emma though and calls her Senia instead. And Emma responds to my crazy kid like it’s nothing. Even though the get togethers are far and few in between, it is so easy to just pick up where we left off. Our visits are much needed.

Emma 4

I think what makes this session extra special, is that Senia got in photos too. You can never have too many pictures with your mom. I know Emma will cherish these when she is older.

Emma looked so precious in both dresses. I’m amazed at how long her legs have gotten and how much older she looks. I can’t believe 5 is just around the corner. The years just seem to fly by. I swear they were just two little babies sitting on my old suitcase waving their little hands at us. Their little faces look the same but their features are thinning out and their hair is sooo long. They were the cutest little babies. It makes my heart hurt a little bit but it is also wonderful to see what amazing girls they are growing up to be. So grateful for friends like these in our lives. We are truly blessed.

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Emma’s dresses: Floral is from Rosa Flamenco and Yellow is Well Dressed Wolf.

New Orlean’s Children’s Photographer {Emma}

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