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If you know me well, you know my two favorite things to photograph are newborns and sunsets.  I know…that sounds like lots of photographers these days.  I’m sure everyone gets why we love newborns.  Well, they are brand new…so tiny, they smell so good and make the cutest sounds.  And as for sunsets, I mean who doesn’t love watching the sun go down.  It’s pretty.  But I live for light.

 It’s not the beautiful sunset that I love but the magical glow and warmth it creates. I’m obsessed with it.  Watching how the light falls across people’s faces and the shadows it creates.  How when the sun is going down it gets extra warm and glow-y and golden.  That color is the most beautiful color in the word to me.  Looking at pictures taken in that light make you feel warm and cozy.  So naturally, my outdoor sessions have to embrace that light.

This time of year the sunsets in southern Louisiana the sunsets are extra beautiful.  I don’t know what it is.  They seem more golden, more orange.  I feel like in the summer they are more of a white glow.  You add a beautiful expecting momma and the enormous love between two soon to be parents to the mix and I am one happy photographer.  Kevin and Oliver obviously adore each other…

Loving couple at sunsetmaternity session in New Orleansmaternity session at Fontainebleau

Kevin brought three different dresses and each one was amazing!  Black is classic and sharp.

Beautiful mother to bematernity session with black gown

The next was a gorgeous light pink gown from sew trendy accessories.  My favorite…..

New Orleans Best Maternity Photographer

Do you see what I mean about these sunsets?!! It looks like the sky is on fire….and she looks like an angel.

amazing Louisiana sunset

We made it to the back of the park just before the sun sunk into Lake Pontchartrain…..

Maternity silhouette

It was a beautiful evening for this sweet couple.  Can’t wait to meet their little girl.

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Hey, im interested in scheduling an outdoor maternity photoshoot. Im currently 28 weeks pregnant

I want to take photo shoot maternity how cost?

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I’m emailing you because I’m looking to take some maternity photos. Can you please send me a list of your packages? I’m currently 6 months pregnant.

I look forward to your reply.

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31 weeks pregnant want to do a maternity shoot

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby! Looking to see if i can find someone to help us bring our dream maternity shoot to life.