New Orleans Baby Photographer {Rory 2 months}

This little guy came for a two month milestone session.  He didn’t have newborn photos done and his momma wanted to capture him at this early stage.  I told her to go ahead and try to prep him like a newborn because you never know.  Sometimes they arrive sleeping and we can get some sleepy poses before they wake up.  Little did I know that this was not your average two month old.  When they arrived it looked like a 6 month old at the door!  Oh my goodness is he precious!  Already pushing up and can even sit up assisted.  Unbelievable for a 2 month old.

Rory 2 months

He has the most beautiful big blue eyes.

2 month old on grey backdrop by Annie Whitaker Photography

He as just about the sweetest little face but totally only has eyes for his momma.  Would not smile for me but the second he would make eye contact with her he would give the biggest grin.  It was so sweet.

baby boy smiling at mom by Annie Whitaker Photography 2 month old milestone session by Annie Whitaker Photography

His momma loved my bear bonnets and laughed at the newborn sized one I had pulled out for him.  So 6 month sitter size it is lol!

New Orleans Baby Photographer {Rory 2 months}

Just something about this sweet little face.  I totally melted from those puppy dog eyes.  All this little guy is going to have to do is flash them to his mom and dad and he will get whatever he wants!

puppy dog eyes by Annie Whitaker Photography

Such a beautiful baby!  So glad they brought him to me to capture such a sweet time in his life.

New Orleans Baby Photographer {Rory 2 months}

If you are interested in scheduling a baby milestone session, contact me today.

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