Mandeville Pet photographer {Bunny}

Another chapter from our quarantine….I finally got in touch with a wildlife rehab to take the hummingbird and we set up a drop off time. When I arrived, there was another animal rescuer (as Harley likes to call us) with a tiny baby bunny. She had her dog with her and was on the way to their vet appointment so I offered to take the bunny. After all I was waiting anyway with the baby hummingbird.

newborn bunny photo session

Well, I waited and waited and waited and no one ever came. So I headed home with a baby hummingbird in a box on my passenger seat and a baby bunny in my lap. Turns out the person scheduled to pick up the animals had car trouble. I was able to get in touch with them and we scheduled a pick up time for later that evening. I was so excited to spend the next few hours loving on this little baby!

newborn bunny curled up sleeping

When a baby of any species falls into my hands, a newborn session is inevitable ??

We have had lots of animals around here this summer but this was one the girls were really sad to go. It was just so precious!! We ended up bringing it to Clearwater Sanctuary for Animals when we dropped off the baby hummingbird. What a fun job that must be.

It has definitely been an adventurous summer for us! Lot’s of animal rescues!

Now booking fall sessions, if you are interested in scheduling a session, fill out my contact from today.

Mandeville Pet photographer {Bunny}