Mandeville Newborn Photographer {Evelyn}

This was such a special session for so many reasons. First of all, I photographed big brother Oliver when he was a newborn a few years ago. He was so tiny at 10 days old and the sweetest little newborn. I was lucky to have the opportunity to watch him grow into the most rambunctious toddler. He was so smiley at his one year session. Seeing him as a big brother was extra special. He came with the sweetest head full of curls and such a kind and gentle personality.

When clients return with their second babies, it’s always special. The other reason this was such a special session was because this was the very last session in my home studio. A place where I have photographed babies for 10 years. It’s so crazy to think it’s the end of an era. I’ve photographed newborns for 20 years now but didn’t start taking clients until 10 years ago. The room used to be Matties playroom but my husband helped me turn it into a little home studio. It actually was the most perfect space. It was small and cozy and warm and babies loved it! You can see more of my space here. Now that I’ve moved into my new studio, I don’t know how I fit everything in there!

Kay came with her two precious babies, Oliver and Evelyn, the newest member of the family. And she kept me company in my tiny little studio as Evelyn slept I and posed the very last baby at my home studio. Honestly, we probably could have had her session at the new studio, but I wanted to end with a special baby.

Evelyn’s Newborn Session

I tell you sweetness has to be genetic because Kay is one of the kindest individuals, Oliver could not have been more loving to mom and baby sister and Evelyn was just a sleepy relaxed little baby. She looked so pretty in pink!

She loved being wrapped up cozy.

I was so proud of Oliver! He was so good and did exactly as told. Such a good big brother!

big brother holding newborn sister

Such a sweet sibling photo! And then he took it over the top with his eyes closed and scrunch face for his photo with momma.

mom with son and baby girl

Just the sweetest little family! Such an honor to have been able to capture such special times in their lives.

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Mandeville Newborn Photographer {Evelyn}