Mandeville Newborn Photographer {Cooper day 10}

Mandeville Newborn Photographer {Cooper day 10}

I have had the honor of photographing all three of this families beautiful babies. I remember when Harper was brought to me, I thought she was one of the most beautiful babies I’d ever seen. She had a head full of dark hair and beautiful skin and lips, slept so so well and did all of the poses. She was even the very first baby I tried the bucket pose with! You can see favorites from her session HERE.

And just when I thought the hair couldn’t get any better, along came Crew…..he had a ton just like Harper and it was nice spiky but blond! You can see my favorites from his session HERE. However, Crew had his own opinion on what poses he wanted to do lol.

Then came Cooper! And he may have been the sleepiest of the bunch. The same amazing hair (although not as spiky), the same beautiful skin and lips, but somehow he looked more like his dad.


We didn’t get froggy pose with Crew….he just would not have it. But Harper and Cooper fell right into it. I love this dark charcoal color of the backdrop.

For Harper’s session we used teal as an accent color but it was a bit more brighter and feminine. Crew we did a more traditional blue. So for Cooper we wanted something different that would coordinate. This muted teal blue was so pretty on him.

The little bed was something special to his session. I love how it turned out….especially his little foot!

I was worried about sibling photos because you just never know how it’s going to go. But these two were AMAZING! And so loving. I just love love the little knit outfit on Crew.

fine art photo of two older siblings with newborn

What a big beautiful family! All of them so excited to welcome the newest member.

Such beautiful children….all three of them! I’m so lucky to have gotten to watch them grow.

Now booking summer due dates. If you are interested in scheduling a session fill out my contact form HERE.

Mandeville Newborn Photographer {Cooper day 10}

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