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Celebrate your growing baby with a fine art portrait session

Experienced Mandeville LA Maternity Photographer, Annie Whitaker. Just 10 minutes from Mandeville Louisiana, our studio specializes in creating timeless and heartfelt portraits that celebrate this incredible time in your life.

The best part is we can do a combination of both outdoor portraits and indoor studio portraits so you get a beautiful variety of portraits. 

✨  We will schedule your maternity potraits between 30-34 weeks

✨  Maternity sessions last approximately 1-2 hours

Hi, I’m Annie

I am a portrait photographer based outside of Mandeville, Louisiana. Together, we will create beautiful imagery to celebrate your growing baby. I specialize in creating heirloom art pieces for your home.

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Why Work With Me

as your New Orleans Maternity Photographer


 More than just a portrait session.  We will create breathtaking artwork of your beautiful family for your home. Your portraits will be handcrafted in Italy on museum quality fine art paper. Together, we will create fine art heirlooms that will be enjoyed for generations.


Your family’s portraits will never go out of style. Each image is hand edited to perfection. I have over 20 years of experience in photography.


The studio property is such a unique location! It is filled with 100 year-old oak trees, climbing roses, fields of wildflowers. Your portraits will look like they belong on the pages of a story book.

A guide to your Mandeville LA Maternity Photographer maternity session


Next Steps


At your pre-session consultation, we will plan out all of the details of your custom portrait session. Here we will design the session of your dreams. 


Your session is where the magic happens. The studio is located on the most stunning property that will make your photos so special.


Your ordering appointment is the best part! Here we will view together all of the best images from your session. You will select your favorites and we will design unique artwork for your home.

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Pricing & Information

I provide my clients with an exclusive and unforgettable experience. We will customize your session to tell the unique story of your family.  

A reservation fee is required to secure your session and digital images are purchased separately. The reservation fee begins at $375 and varies depending on the type of session. Portrait collections start at $1490. Reservation fee does not include images.

Frequently Asked Questions


The best time for maternity portraits is typically between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. During this period:

  1. Visible Baby Bump: The baby bump is prominent and well-defined, which is ideal for capturing the essence of maternity.
  2. Comfort: The mother is usually still relatively comfortable and mobile, making it easier to pose for photos.
  3. Minimizing Risk: It’s before the last few weeks of pregnancy, which can be more physically challenging and closer to the due date, reducing the risk of early labor.

However, the exact timing can vary based on individual circumstances and preferences. It’s always good to schedule the session when the mother feels her best and is excited about capturing this special time.

You may include anyone you love in your portraits! Spouse, parents, children, fur babies…..

You can include a variety of people and elements in your maternity photo session to make it more meaningful and personalized:

  1. Partner: Including your partner can capture the shared joy and anticipation of the upcoming arrival.
  2. Children: If you have other children, they can be part of the session to celebrate the growing family.
  3. Pets: Pets are often considered family members and can add a fun, personal touch to the photos.
  4. Extended Family: Grandparents or other close family members can also be included for a multi-generational feel.
  5. Props: Items like baby shoes, ultrasound photos, or personalized baby items can add a special touch.
  6. Friends: Close friends who are like family can be part of the session, especially if they have played a significant role during your pregnancy.
  7. Solo Shots: Don’t forget to have individual portraits focusing on you and your baby bump to highlight this special time.

Ultimately, your maternity photo session should reflect your unique story and the people who are important to you.

Maternity sessions typically last between 1 to 2 hours. The exact duration can depend on several factors:

  1. Number of Locations: If you’re planning to shoot at multiple locations, this can extend the session time.
  2. Outfit Changes: Multiple outfit changes can add time to the session.
  3. Inclusion of Family Members: Coordinating and capturing shots with various family members can take additional time.
  4. Personal Preferences: Your comfort and preferences can influence the length of the session. If you prefer a leisurely pace or want to capture a wide variety of poses and settings, it might take longer.

Discussing these details with your photographer beforehand can help set expectations and ensure you have enough time to capture all the desired shots without feeling rushed.

You will receive your on line gallery approximately one week after your ordering appointment. Products take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

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