Mandeville LA child photographer {blueberries}

It’s become a tradition now. One I look forward to every year. For one thing, it means it’s summer….my favorite time of year after a long year of teaching. And it means my freezer will be stocked with berries for the next few months. The first time we went, Maggie and Harley were maybe 2? Maybe not even two….but so adorable in their rainboots. The next year, Josie joined them and the trio has been doing it ever since!

We go to Blue harvest Farm in Covington LA and just love it. It is by membership now so luckily Josie’s mom had one so we could go. They spend more time playing and eating than actually getting berries in the bucket but it is always a fun time. I can’t believe how big they are getting and doing a shoot in the same location at the same time every year really emphasizes how much they’ve grown. Now looking back at this session, I can’t believe how fast summer has flown by. It’s strange because it did feel like we were in “summer” for a while because of the quarantine. But it wasn’t really summer because we were still doing home school and not able to go anywhere. This was the first think we did that was kind of normal. It feels so long ago. Now here we are a week away from going back to school and all of the hustle and bustle that comes with a new school year. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this slower-paced life.

Shame on me I still haven’t edited last years images….I will go back to them eventually.

Blueberry picking 2020

Mandeville LA child photographer {blueberries}

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