Mandeville Family Photographer {Olivia}

Mandeville Family Photographer {Olivia}

I have to say, I certainly love what I do and every session is unique and special to me. But there was something special about this particular session. It filled my heart right up. It was amazing to watch these three girls come out of their shell over the course of the hour and to see how unique each one was.

I loved watching them interact with each other. It reminds me of when I grew up with my two sisters and it’s funny because I really feel like what you hear about birth order is true because they were very similar to the three of us.

Olivia, Sophia and Stella

It was the most beautiful winter evening. The sunsets at Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville LA are always beautiful but I feel like in the winter time they are exceptional. The way it lit up their hair early in the session and the whole glow behind them at the end had my photographer heart so happy!

Aren’t the all so precious!? It was chilly as the sun was setting so I ran and grabbed a vintage quilt that I keep in my trunk. It always comes in handy and looked so sweet wrapped around these sweet girls.

I think twirling is always a must when dresses are involved…..and what better way to warm up!

My goodness these three were so sweet. I left their session so happy.

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Mandeville Family Photographer {Olivia}

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