Mandeville family photographer {graduation}

Allllll the emotions with this post. Over 5 years ago, when Harley was born we would joke about the age difference of our girls. Twelve years. So that meant in five years we would have an 18 year old and a 5 year old, a senior in high school and a kindergartener. We would joke with Mattie saying, well, I guess y’all will just have to share a graduation party lol.

Kindergarten Graduation

Five years seemed so far away and yet here we are. I wanted special back to school pictures with my girls to hang in my classroom because it was their last “back-to-school” together so we took probably my favorite set of pics. Fast forward 10 months…..Harley, my last baby’s kindergarten graduation was supposed to be yesterday. I vividly remember her sisters. There was a performance where all of the children were flowers. I remember crying because her future flashed before my eyes. I thought Harley’s would be the same and I prepared myself…then it didn’t happen.

kindergarten graduation photo

High School Senior

And then my SENIOR….like, really?! They just placed her pink little body in my arms. I JUST watched her take her first steps. Literally last week, she was in her 3rd grade talent show singing her heart out to High School Musical. I was just chaperoning the dances her dance team put on with the boys in one corner and the girls giggling in the other. When did she grow into the beautiful woman she is? Every morning I wake up and think of all the years that have gone by and cry. I sure hope thats normal because it’s consumed my life these days.

Mandeville high school senior

Mattie’s high school graduation was supposed to be in May. Here we are in late July planning to attend a modified graduation tomorrow with just parents sitting in pods with masks on. It’s hard because I teach where she goes to school and have sat through what would be her graduation for years. Always thinking of when it would be her turn…..then it didn’t happen. Part of me feels like I shouldn’t feel sad about this because of all of everything going on in the world but my heart hurts. I feel shorted of a moment I’ve looked forward to (and not wanted to face) for years. So today is my day to be sad. I will pick myself up tomorrow (words of advice from a wise woman). To all of the 2020 grads big and small, congratulations on a job well done. You are loved. Your future is bright

My two beauties. I am so proud of them.

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Mandeville family photographer {graduation}