Mandeville Baby Photographer {Quinn}

It is always such a treat when friends bring me their sweet babies to photograph. I went to graduate school with this sweet girls momma way back in what seems like a different life time. It’s so crazy how your life plan changes. Now I teach at a high school and have much more time for photography. But it is always so good seeing old friends! And talking about how much happier we are since we moved on lol.

Quinn was exactly as I pictured her to big. Pretty blond hair just like her momma. And the sweetest temperament.

Quinn 1 year

I’ve been dying to use this precious vintage dress and Quinn was the perfect baby girl. That and her adorable new puppy was just too much!! Harley and I planted these tulips and daffodils in December and I could not wait for them to bloom. It’s funny because I totally forgot what colors we put where so it was such a surprise to see them blooming. I wish they lasted longer but it was perfect timing for my sessions in early March. Two weeks of beautiful flowers makes my heart so happy! Next year I am planting twice as many! And maybe different varieties and at different times so that I can have pretty blooms all spring.

Mandeville Baby Photographer {Quinn}

Adorable pink halo by Ivy and Nell

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