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Madisonville LA newborn photographer {James Day 9}

This just may be the most special blog post I’ve ever done. Yes, I’ve done a lot of dear friends photos and extremely special clients….but this one just sits in a special place in my heart. It was maybe a year ago that we sat in my kitchen with four of my dearest friends doing what we do best….drinking wine and eating lol. And girl talk which you need no matter how old you are. My little one just had a play date with her two besties and at the end of it they were snuggled up in her bed just talking. Even at four, girl friends are important.

The conversation that evening some how got on babies….and the struggle to have them. And sometimes you just need to talk about those feelings just to get them out. And I remember the heaviness in Shannon’s voice. You know your heart knows when you are done with having children. She wasn’t, yet her body and her doctors were telling her otherwise. But I know, from personal experience, that it doesn’t matter what they say. You just don’t know what your future holds, only God does. Twelve years after my first blessing, He finally decided to send us our second and you know it was just the right time I just didn’t know it. You know what. The same thing happened to her. Shannon has gone through so much heartache this year and baby James was sent to her at exactly the right time her heart needed him. I’m convinced of it. And he was SO perfect. Beyond perfect.

James Day 9

Sooooo the best part about this session…..my amazingly talented photographer bestie….besides the one that gave birth….came to take behind the scenes photos so you can see a little of the magic that happens at each session. If you don’t follow Jennifer Bonnet Photography you need to. She is incredible.

His session was one I have looked forward too for months……literally. I have been collecting special things and waited to use with just him which is kind of torture if you are a newborn photographer but I needed it to be extra special for an extra special baby. His sweet momma just so happens to be an incredible photographer too! She specializes in in-home photo sessions for newborns which takes serious skills to deal with the surroundings you are given. You can check out her beautiful photos here.

Behind the scenes at a newborn session

So I waited…..on pins and needles….because you know a positive pregnancy test doesn’t always mean a full term pregnancy. Then we got the date of her section which made me feel a little better. But with my baby I felt like I couldn’t breathe until she was safely in my arms…..and it was the same with him. Until I got that message from dad that all was good, I just couldn’t relax. He is here…He is a gift… He is SO precious.

I have been waiting for the perfect baby to do this set up. Seriously, I had it ready to go for three sweet boys but it just wasn’t right until James came.

newborn boy in blue bear bonnet holding baby bear in tiny bed

I am obsessed with how it came out!! It is an amazing thing seeing your vision come to life with such a special baby!

This little boy was a newborn photographers dream. Jennifer and I were in 7th heaven with him. It’s funny though with his momma being a newborn photographer. She said she was nervous because we were so quiet….it was only because he was sooooo good!!

I’m asked soooo often how I wrap a baby. You can send all of your thank you’s to Jennifer for this series of photos….

I had gotten this Angora blanket and wrap months ago……was saving it for this sweet boy. It was my favorite set up.

So why the pink gloves you ask? Well, I wear gloves because I have a condition called hyperhydrosis which is excessive sweating of the hands and feet. For some reason, the gloves keep my hands dry….or at least keeps my cold, clamy, sweaty hands off the baby lol. I have lots of neutral color gloves, but the pink ones are my lucky ones. I’ve had them since 2010. They seem to be working good lol.

perfect bucket pose

Last but not least…..the most important photos of the day, at least for me, were those with mom. I was a little bit nervous because I wanted this to be perfect for her. He was starting to wake up, but after a little snack settled right into her arms like that is where he was meant to be.

So. much. happiness. I can’t stand it! Even got a sweet smile from this sweet boy.

Last but not least….the proudest big brother. He was so gentle and loving with his new baby.

Friends are good for the soul. Blessings from above are good for it too. It was the best morning I’ve had in a long time. And there was bread pudding so it was basically perfect. My dear friend has been through so much in the past few months. I hope these photos help to bring comfort to her hurting heart. Even if just for a moment <3

Soooo many awesome vendors that made this session possible:


Libelle Props


The Original Photoblocks Props


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